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The Laser Crab Revue is a loosely-defined art collective made up of
people with some relation (however vague) to the North Carolina School
of the Arts.

The Laser Crab is actually a subfamily of the superfamily Carpiliodea
in the subsection Heterotremata.  It was recently discovered near
Trinidad.  They shoot lasers from their claws. And, maybe their eyes.

The Revue is organized and tyrannically ruled by Jesse Price and Kevin Tadge.

Origin Story:

Kevin and Jesse went to college together at the North Carolina School
of the Arts. Towards the end of college Jesse and Kevin both,
independently, wanted to do something more with their worthless lives.
They wanted to leave their dent on the world. So, they both started
things no one would ever read. Kevin started a comic anthology called
The Laser Crab Revue. Jesse started an über-pretentiously-named
website called The Stanza Series.

After awhile, they decided to join forces, even though their
relationship had been strained since that one magical weekend in
Knoxville. (Jesse wanted it to become more, Kevin just wanted to be
friends). So, that is how The Laser Crab Revue started.

For the record, people did read my comic, but Jesse's website sucked.

And, what happens in Tennessee stays in Tennessee.

Submissions: We enjoy looking at your submissions. Feel free to send them to lasercrabrevue (at) gmail [dot] com.  At the very least, we'll write back to tell you we don't want any.

Actually, you can send us anything you want at that email. So, do it.

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