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NCSA frontin' at SXSW! 

We already knew that Cold Weather, the latest film sound mixed by Nathan Whiteside (a NCSA grad), was premiering at SXSW. (Aaron Katz the director, writer, editor also went to NCSA) You can check out the trailer of it here. Other NCSA grads that worked on the film: Andrew Reed DP, Brendan McFadden producer, Robyn Rikoon a NCSA drama grad (had a non-fiction writing class with her and developed a big high school sized crush for her) and other people I'm sure I'm forgetting.

But, today the entire lineup for SXSW was announced, and Martha Stephen's (NCSA grad) debut film Passenger Pigeons will also be showcased. You can find the trailer here. The film is also starring Brendan McFadden, edited by Joe Chang, and I'm sure a whole bunch of other NCSA grads were involved (photographed by Greg Hudgins ['09]).  Also follow them on twitter here.